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Nobody even reads this blog, so I can't imagine there being anybody who wants to read about it. My sister suggested I start this digital diary so she could keep up with what I'm doing, but she doesn't even read it. I guess I'm a little bitter about that which only induces me to imbibe in the drink which then serves to fuel the musings on these electronic pages. It's a ceaseless cycle. Most of all I guess I keep my thoughts here because there are some things I'm afraid I'll forget.

Now on a more or less serious note:

The Temple Valley Times is the online English language newspaper for Temple Valley, a neighborhood of Craneview ward, Yokohama, Japan.


Editor-in-chief: J.T. Cassidy


The Temple Valley Times reaches a diverse readership that spans the globe. Exactly how influential is The Times? It's hard to pinpoint exactly but we can tell you that it's very very popular in the robotic Internet crawler community.

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