Sunday, February 18, 2018

Living with a Crocodile (could be an alligator)

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I’ve had creatures living in my attic before but none as slippery as this one. This one, in the belly of the beast seen here, is my nephew, part-time city ward mascot and full-time free loader. He may be the cold-blooded one, but it was I who heartlessly kicked him out in the dead of winter as he made my blood boil with rage. It’s now been weeks since I said see you later alligator but he’s up there still. I know it. In the still of the night I can still hear him slithering around overhead. They say you should never, ever, ever feed a croc or gator, lest it lose its fear of people. That’s probably where I went wrong. I fed this one on more than one occasion. Now he has lost his fear of me and I’m afraid I’ll be living with this crocodile for a while.

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