Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Election All a Blur

In the aftermath of Japan's recent national elections, some disappointed supporters of musician and Green Party candidate, Yohei Miyake, have blamed the loss of the progressive campaigner on what they believe was a virtual media blackout. This week Twitter was aflutter with folks decrying the lack of media coverage on Miyake and as evidence more than one sharp-eyed observer has pointed to this photo accompanying an election story in one of Japan's three largest dailies, the Asahi Shimbun.

The front page of the paper features a photo of  Miyake giving an electioneering campaign performance to a huge crowd in front of the entrance to Tokyo's Shibuya Train Station. While the article mentions every other political party, it spares no ink on the Green Party nor its main candidate who is pictured on stage in the photo. 

Despite any obstacles he may have faced in getting his message across, Miyake didn't do too bad a job for a minor party candidate in an electoral system that is geared toward the big party machines. In fact he actually garnered more votes than a couple of his winning opponents and if that sounds a little fuzzy, take a closer look at that photo again. 

On closer inspection it would seem that the paper has digitally erased the words on the Green Party banner in the lower left hand corner. I don't know if I'd call it a news "blackout" but it does seem to have been a bit of a blur.

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  1. Terrific analysis! Thanks; shared at FB!

  2. Thanks for reporting on this which I'd heard about via Twitter. The Miyake campaigners were all volunteers, and to have the media mislead readers is infuriating and shameful. I already discontinued subscription to that paper long ago! Two of his official campaign posters were, until this morning, proudly displayed on the shed in our driveway for all in the neighborhood to see.

  3. Thanks for commenting. It is kind of unbelievable. I think you should keep the posters up in defiance.