Monday, July 22, 2013

Learning to Relax

Craneview Junior High
Ahhh sweet summer vacation! This is the moment school kids clad in hot wool uniform pants and skirts have been literally itching for all semester long. It's hang time, nothing to do but kick back and chill out. 

That is unless your my son Jiro or one of the five hundred and twenty five some odd other young scholars who attend Temple Valley's Craneview Junior High School. Early this morning I found the lad completely decked out in his formal school regalia, including the wool pants, white button down shirt, tie, the whole works. Lunch pail in hand and out the door by 8 am, he was headed off to a full day in the world of academia,well at least a full day of art club. 

Craneview Junior High is where he and nearly all the rest of his schoolmates will be spending every day for the next two weeks and then on and off for the rest of the summer vacation. While they'll be whiling away the hours in club activities (and just about everybody belongs to a school club or sports team of some sort) they'll be learning a thing or two too. One thing you can rest assured they won't be learning though is how to relax.

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