Monday, July 8, 2013

Fanning Flames of Hope

Election campaign "fan"
The heat of the sun beat down on the streets like a hammer on an anvil. If this was a taste of climate change, I needed to find some way to adapt and quick. Then there it was at the end of an outstretched hand. 

It was the campaign flyer for the Green Party's Yohei Miyake, the singer-turned-politician who is vying for a lower house diet seat in Japan's upcoming elections. Most importantly it came in the form of a little hand-held fan that maybe suggested change could be in the air. All it would take to start it all off was a feint breeze powered by one's own hand. 

I'm not eligible to vote in the election but if I were, I think I would
cast it for Miyake. I like the tone of his campaign.It's got an upbeat message that you can really dance to.

Green Party candidate Yohei Miyake 

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