Monday, June 10, 2013


Photo of AKB48 Theater in
Akihabara, Tokyo
 by Karl Baron via Wikipedi
Yokohama - This past weekend fans of Japan's all-female pop music phenomenon, AKB48, got the chance to vote for their favorite group member. The voting is traditionally (since ca. 2009 anyway) conducted via ballots that come packaged with what has been dubbed an "election single" by the band's producers and a stroke of evil marketing genius by critics

Anybody with a yen to vote was able to participate in this year's election process that was topped off with a jam-packed stage event featuring a bevy of performers from this Far Eastern nation's updated and more feminine answer to the Vienna Boys Choir. 

The winner of the periodic selection process gets the chance to stand front and center stage as the band's lead performer until she is voted out in the next election or reaches the group's ripe old retirement age somewhere shy of twenty five or so, which ever comes first.

This most recent vote proved to be an upset victory for the newest leader of a group which has been plagued by controversy in recent months. Just how upsetting was it? The expression on the faces of the less lucky contenders (pictured in the Tweet by Twitter user, @MnYooo_ij, embedded below) upon supposedly hearing the announcement of the winner may speak louder than the volumes of CDs the band has sold around the globe. Or maybe not, you can freely elect to make of them what you want.

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