Friday, February 1, 2013

Fish Out of Water

This is where it happened. Right here, some seventy years ago, where the pond used to be. It was this place that spawned a mysterious illness that gripped an entire generation. Its  origin and the cure that would end it had eluded the finest medical minds of the time. 

After exhausting every possible scientific avenue they turned to the family priest, a figure of little note from an obscure religion born via an equally obscure figure less than a century before. 

"It flows from the water," he told them and within less than an hour they were hauling dirt and sand from the nearby cliffs to fill in the crystal clear tranquil body teeming with aquatic life. 

That's when it happened. It was a miracle. Within less than a month all were well. Every one of them went on to play, sing, dance, and live life to its absolute limits - that is everyone except the fish who used to live in the water. 

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