Thursday, January 31, 2013


Sometimes "we" at The Temple Valley Times turn to other Times' to make sure we are keeping pace with the times and other Times'. Recently we turned to the pages of The Japan Times and this time we were a little puzzled by what we read, but we love puzzles! 

Here's a puzzle embedded in a January 25, 2013 Kyodo news story ("Tepco plans to dump 'cleaned' Fukushima No. 1 water")published in the Japan Times.

Maybe they shouldn't put the puzzles inside the news stories.

Even More Puzzling

What's even more puzzling in this article, about plans on the drawing board at the Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco)to dump radioactive water stored at its crippled nuclear power plant in Fukushima into the sea (phew!), is the next and last sentence which reads:

"But as the new facility is not capable of removing radioactive tritium, an official said Tepco will consider diluting the processed water before releasing it to the sea."
I'm not the only one who is puzzled either. One reader, dubbed "Crank Dub," writes in the comment section beneath the article on The Japan Times website: 
"So, forgive me if I've misunderstood this: they are going to dilute the contaminated water before putting it in the ocean. And what magic substance will they use to dilute this water? Perhaps water? Before putting it into the sea water? Genius. Whatever they're being paid, double it."
On second thought Crank Dub doesn't seem puzzled at all. He/she seems to get it and asks all the right questions. I'm just puzzled why the Kyodo reporter didn't do the same.

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