Friday, December 21, 2012

Parfait Perfect

Photo by pinguino via Wikipedia

A conversation overheard:

A: I just remembered the world is going to end today, you know, according to the Mayan calendar.

B: That's right. I'm so glad I had that chocolate parfait this morning! 

Here was somebody living a life without regrets. It sounded like the perfect way to go, whether you're ending an era (that's a Baktun if your Mayan) or beginning a new one. 

Mario Iztep tells ABC news, that this December twenty first is both the end and the beginning. Director of the Guatamala City-based think-tank,Indigenous Observatory,Iztep says that "in the Mayan [view of the cosmos], there is no end of the world." As a matter of fact Iztep is looking forward to a bright new Baktun. He told ABC that he hopes the upcoming fourteenth Baktun will be "an era in which we eliminate poverty and racism." That's something nobody could regret.

Here's to a future that's parfait perfect!

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