Sunday, November 4, 2012

What's the Big Stink?

A hot sulphur spring bath sounds nice
There it is again. That awful stench! It's the smell of rotten eggs. It comes and goes but from where nobody knows. I've managed to pinpoint where it perhaps seeps through the floorboards and  the possibility of it being  a natural gas leak or sewer gas has been ruled out. That leaves few other explanations for the odor though. 

I've been informed it could be a spirit with digestive issues.  That prospect sounded a little frightening until I heard the second  possibility - that the house sits atop an active volcano. The only other explanation for the smell that I've gotten so far is that there might be a hidden sulfur spring lying just beneath the earth's surface that is venting off some vapor from its hot healing waters that run beneath our foundation. Whatever it is, it sure stinks now and then.

I've always thought of this house my family and I live in as sitting inside a little dimple in the face of the earth. Now I'm afraid the reality is that it lies more toward the posterior part of Mother Earth's anatomy and believe me it's no bed of sweet smelling roses.

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