Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Know What You're Getting Into

My gray T-shirt

The label says it all. When I bought the article that it's attached to I knew exactly what I was getting into. It's not food. It's not a household cleaning product. It's not a decorative item. It's just what the label says it is. It's clothing, a shirt to be more precise. I picked it up at the local Seiyu Department store adjacent to the Craneview Train Station. Seiyu is Japanese for Walmart. It's the local subsidiary of the U.S. based big box retailer. While I can't speak to the conditions under which the workers who made it labored, the shirt fits me to a tee. I don't really have a favorite brand of clothing (I usually just wear the hand me ups my sons grow out of) but if I did, Clothing would be it.

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