Friday, September 7, 2012

Kids and Politicians

Radioactive contamination of crops due to the nuclear power plant disaster in Fukushima continues to be a growing problem for some. Recently high levels of radioactive cesium, detected in some menu items on the elementary school lunch plates provided by the City of Yokohama sparked outrage among concerned parents. Even though the food in question fell within the acceptable limits of radioactive contamination set by the national government, citizens who found the level of contamination to be unacceptable forced the city to eighty six the items from the school lunch menu. 

The Tokyo Shimbun newspaper reports that the mayor of Kawasaki City, which borders Yokohama and serves the exact same food product in its school lunches, was asked if his city would do the same. His reply was that the city would continue to serve up the controversial side dish "for the sake of the kids" so that they would have a better understanding of the dangers in their lives. 

Kids and politicians - they say the darndest things.

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