Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Writing on the Wall

When residents of Temple Valley venture over to the other side of the train tracks via the underground passageway, the first sight to meet their eyes is this 'vision' tagged on the walls of the subterranean hall. While some have been thrown off guard by the vaguely extraterrestrial skull-like image, I've always found it somewhat interesting. The appeal is wearing thin though as replicas of the artwork pop up all over town. If I was given a choice of landscape wall paper, I'm not so sure I would pick out this pattern.

Source: via Hang-Up on Pinterest
After seeing the writing on the wall in the more sophisticated surroundings of Tokyo's Shibuya ward last night though, I'm not so sure what to think. I caught sight of this street mural pictured here on my way home from an all too rare free concert in Yoyogi Park. The concert featured the rock band Qururi (pronounce the "Q" like a "K")who were promoting the release of their brand new CD, "Everybody Feels the Same." As I neared the train station I spied this eye-catching mural painted across the wall of the area's popular Parco department store. It's the latest work of British artist D*Face who is now in Japan. According to Street Art News, the recently finished mural is a Japanese version of the artist's "signature "D*Face Dog."

Now the graffiti that adorns the buildings  and walls closer to our home in the mountain hollow of Temple Valley is certainly more primitive, raw, visceral, etc. than D*Face's latest street art masterpiece. Yet to my untrained eye the spray painted images bear a certain resemblance to the highly-valued work that graces a prominent space in this decidedly more hip section of Tokyo.

I guess when it comes to art Qururi might be wrong, everybody doesn't feel the same way and not everybody always appreciates the beauty right before his or her eyes either.

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