Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect



1:  "A property of chaotic systems (as the
   atmosphere) by which small changes in 
   initial conditions can lead to 
   large-scale and unpredictable
   variations in the future state 
   of the system."

    "Radioactive fallout from the nuclear
   disaster in Fukushima Prefecture
   created abnormalities among the
   nation's butterflies.." 

From a Jiji news agency report citing a study published in Scientific Reports, an on-line journal of the Nature Publishing Group

 3: A kaleidoscope of ordinary citizens 
   lifting their voices in opposition to 
   nuclear power

Every Friday night in front of the Japanese prime minister's official Tokyo residence (and elsewhere in Tokyo and beyond)

Note: It is perhaps  this last
      instance that represents
      the change that will
      alter "the future state
      of the system" and 
      render the second meaning

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