Saturday, August 4, 2012

Overwhelming Odds

『8.3葉山ビーチパレード』事前告知が少なかったせいか、あるいは何かの陰謀なのか、参加者は2名だけだった…。全く知れ渡って... on Twitpic
Twitter photo link  via @Rio_Akiyama
 Yesterday thousands upon thousands of anti-nuclear power protesters railed at the gates of the Japanese prime minister's official residence in what has come to be known as a typical Friday night in Tokyo. 

The capital city isn't the only place people are wrapping up the week with a no-nuke protest. Demonstrations have been occurring every Friday outside the Kansai Electric Power Company (KEPCO) headquarters in Osaka and elsewhere around the country in places both big and small. Many of those gathered at the demonstration in Tokyo this Friday were quick to comment on what seemed like an overwhelming police presence that kept a majority of demonstrators far away from the Japanese leader's front gates. 

True or not, nowhere was the police presence more noticeable than at an earlier anti-atomic power march in a sleepy beach community about a two hour's drive south of Tokyo. There, according to an unverified report on Twitter, the ratio of police to demonstrators was one-to-one.

It's probably a good thing too that the men and women with badges were out in force. While it's not certain who took the photograph of the no-nukes parade, given the fact that the only report we have says that just two marchers showed up, the odds are overwhelmingly good that one of the two police officers on hand took the shot. Had there been one less, no one might ever have known that someone was there and willing to draw a line in the sand.

Furthermore: I later learned of a Japanese language documentary on Youtube following the two protesters which may reveal more of their story. 

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