Sunday, August 12, 2012

Goes Great in Coffee

Cream Hair

Cream Hair is just one of countless (meaning more numerous than all the fingers and toes on my body) beauty parlors that dot the main thoroughfare and side streets leading up to the west side of nearby Craneview train station. These lanes boast more hair salons per thousand feet than there are hairs on my head. Perhaps they are the reason for all the beautiful people I meet along the way.

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  1. What is with all the beauty parlors in Japan? I've noticed tons all over the place, too.

    1. It's definitely a growth industry ;)

    2. BTW there is kind of a related movie (now on DVD) on this theme, which I haven't seen yet but want to, called "Barber Yoshino (or Baba Yoshino)."

      The International Movie Data Base (IMDb) provides the following summary of the movie's plot:

      "In a small town on the countryside, every young boy is forced to have the same bowl-head haircut known as the "Yoshino-gari" hairstyle. Then one day, a drastic change occurs when a transfer student with bleached hair comes from Tokyo."

      The trailer for the movie is here: