Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An Olympic Moment

The term "senior moment" is often used to describe a state of momentary confusion. The Urban Dictionary defines it as:

A lapse of memory, logic or mental function which is atypical or unusual. The individual suffering the event, may not necessarily be advanced in age, although senior citizens are more likely to experience an occurrence.

Over the past week everyone in Temple Valley has been immersed in the often unfamiliar watery world of the summer Olympics. We're not alone either. Television viewers, and even some professional commentators, from around the world have found themselves out of their depth from time to time. 

If there were an Olympic equivalent to the "senior moment" it might look and sound like this:

Sorry the laugh-riot video "Boats"(a.k.a. "Irish Olympic Sailing Commentary") narrated by comedic actor Francis Higgins has 'been disappeared' from the video sharing site, Vimeo. The explanation on the screen below now appears where the video once was.

We now return control of your video monitor to you.

UPDATE: It appears that Gawker and a number of other websites across the Internet have found a way around the takedown order related to the Vimeo video and have posted the banned clip in what would seem to be defiant opposition to the International Olympic Committee.

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