Wednesday, July 25, 2012

That Girl

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She’s been seen at every major  anti-nuclear power demonstration in Japan this side of 3/11. If you’ve ever been to one or seen a photo of a no nukes rally in the paper, you’ll recognize her immediately. If you’ve ever wondered who she is, Japan Times writer Edan Corkill has the answer for you. Read all about her in The Japan Times (Nara's 'No Nukes Girl'Joins the Protesters).


The Frying Dutchmen perform under the 
watchful gaze of Nara's "Miss Spring" 
at July 16, Sayonara Nukes Rally in Tokyo
It's not mentioned in the Japan Times article but I've heard that, for one hundred yen (about a US dollar), anyone who lacks their own printing device can download and print out a poster-size copy of the "No Nukes Girl" at 7-11 stores and maybe other convenient locations in Japan using a special code made available to the public by the artist.

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You can get the 411 on downloading the "No Nukes Girl" at 7-11 and more @ Today's J-blip: Yoshitomo Nara for No Nukes. 

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If you go to see "a bit like you and me," an exhibition of works by the artist behind the "No Nukes Girl," now running at the Yokohama Museum of Art, be careful not to fall into the fountain out front (believe me, it can happen easily).

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