Thursday, July 19, 2012

Suited for Dancing

I like this song by Sake Rock but more than finding my ears bent to the music, my eyes are drawn like a magnet to the dance styling of  idevian crew dancer and choreographer, Shigehiro Ide. 

At first glance he doesn't look like your prototypical skin-and-bones dancer. I feel like I've seen him before, maybe perched on a bar stool, overlooking a foam capped ice cold beer while contemplating the mysteries of the six o'clock news through a thick pungent haze of tobacco smoke. Maybe it's the suit that gives me that impression. 

Then I look at his portly physique and I realize where I've seen him. I've seen that rotund build in the mirror. We share the exact same body type! Watching him move sends my spirits soaring. The only thing holding my feet down to earth now (aside from years of intensive study and training along with a healthy helping of talent) is the lack of one of those suits. Once I get my hands on one of those there will be no holding me down.

Don't miss Ide's dreamy duet with singer/song writer Gen Hoshino on the musician's latest release, Yume no Soto he (Leaving the Dream).


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