Monday, July 30, 2012

Picture Imperfect

A Japanese emoticon used to express embarrassment

This past Friday the media monitoring site, MediaBugs, caught The Atlantic Monthly in a little goof-up in one of its recent Japan-related articles, "The Strange Rise and Fall of North Korea's Business Empire in Japan." The MediaBug report notes:

The caption for a photo of a 2005 North Korean state ceremony accompanying this article on "the strange rise and fall of North Korea's business empire in Japan" reads: "Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tours the Tehran nuclear research reactor. " The AP photo looks like it was shot inside some sort of an auditorium in what very much seems to be North Korea. The Iranian president, nuclear reactor and Tehran are completely out of the picture.

I kind of hope those smarty pants editors over at The Atlantic don't fix the photo gaffe or other errors (such as the spelling mix ups like "Hughey Long" for Huey Long, etc.) in the article. After all, they say "to err is human." If you believe that, then all those mistakes would seem to bring the editors at the illustrious journal totally down to earth, which is not such a bad place to to be.

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