Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Can't Beat That

The Drum Beat

The God of Light Drummers 
Here are some cool cats who make up the local band of percussionists known as The God of Light Drummers. I've been sticking with this group for the past few years now. 

To tell you the truth, nobody in this photo is really "cool," especially after laying down the beat all over the streets of town one recent sweltering Sunday. The group spent the whole day following on the heels of the much taller and even more sweat-soaked folks pictured in the background. On the shoulders of these men and women, clad in a thin cotton robe covering a garment the likes of which I haven't worn since infancy, rests the temporary abode of a divinity from the local shrine. 

I don't pretend to know all the social, religious, and cultural aspects behind this particular festival. I just know that without me, the music just might stop. Given that the average age of the group's membership is ten (with their ages ranging from five to near eighty) and their average height not much taller than the average drum, I'm one of the few among the God of Light drummers whose muscles are developed enough to actually pick a drum up and rest it on its stand. That fact makes me an outstanding member of the group. Still everybody else is a lot cuter (and younger) than I am and no matter what, I just can't beat that. 

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