Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Big Picture

Photo: (cc) NODA Masaya / JVJA  

Press reports on yesterday's Sayonara Nukes Rally in Tokyo say the police estimated the crowd to number 70,000, while rally organizers put the figure at 170,000. Pick a figure, split the difference, either way it was big.

Earlier today someone on Twitter said this photo reminded him of a Tokyo public pool loaded with bathers on a hot summer's day. It certainly is a sea of people and that's usually what it takes to create the waves needed to bring sweeping changes.

About the photo: The aerial photo above was shot by Masaya Noda from a helicopter chartered by the Tadashi Hodo Heri Kai (Media Done Right Helicopter Association). The photo, along with others found on the fotgazette Online PDF Magazine  website, has been made available for use under a creative commons license.

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