Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Brand New Spin

Click here for full photo effect via Tumblr

It's the latest sensation circling around the Internet and it's been called, "creepy," "brilliant," "hypnotic," etc., all rolled into one. In fact it's called "Rrrrrrrroll." 

It's a project started not too long ago by a group of artists in Japan whose story has been covered by Huff Post, This is Colossal, and more. The artists behind Rrrrrrrroll (there are supposed to be 8 r's in that, count 'em if you don't believe me) employ the graphics interface format (GIF) to produce what Coco Rocha might call something that's "more than a photo but not quite a video."

Everyone seems to have his or her own unique spin on these amazing GIFs. Tumblr user (I believe Tumblrette is the officially recognized nomenclature for these creatures but I've gone with "user" for the uninitiated), Smooth Yeti, says "these .gif's are made to remind us that time is passing by and only few things can be truly stuck in time." Of course, your perspective may differ.

I recommend that you roll on over to the Rrrrrrrroll_GIF Tumblr page, take a spin around the site, and then put your own spin on these head turning images.

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  1. I beg to differ with one so erudite as yourself Johntaro but I do believe the preferred nomenclature for those who avail themselves of the Tumblr service is "Tumblrer."

    1. I believe there is a debate raging over this very topic among some "Twits" on Twitter. Perhaps you should join them.