Thursday, June 28, 2012

Roadwork Ahead

From the rumor mill

The word on the street today is that there is roadwork ahead. According to a little bird on Twitter, road repairs are scheduled to be carried out in front of the prime minister's residence this week. If any maintenance work of the kind were to take place, it would likely block the ever-expanding anti-nuke protests that occur at that spot every Friday evening. 

Even if this unsubstantiated rumor should turn out to be true, it's unlikely that it would stop the country's budding anti-nuclear movement, dubbed the "Hydrangea Revolution." Over the past months this flowering rebellion outside the prime minister's window has been largely overlooked since the domestic media has been reluctant to report on the growing weekly demonstrations. That all changed last Friday when the gathering drew numbers that were just too big for the press to ignore. Reports on the size of the crowd ranged between ten to forty thousand people strong.

Yet this past Saturday, one day after the historic public gathering, the administration of Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda seemed to have no problem simply ignoring the voices of the people. Despite opinion polls that have consistently shown overwhelming public opposition to restarting Japan's dormant atomic reactors, Noda gave the thumbs-up to restarting the Oi (a.k.a. Ohi)reactor in western Japan. 

While the massive weekly rallies are a clear sign that the people of Japan are trying to pave the way to a nuclear-free future, signs from the powers that be indicate that there's plenty of roadwork still ahead.

Later: Word also has it that author Takashi Hirose along with the Jonan Bank and others will charter a helicopter to capture a bird's-eye-view of this Friday night's anti-nuke rally in Tokyo. On board the helicopter I believe will be flying, Hirose, a professional cameraperson, and famed anti-nuclear activist and actor, Taro Yamamoto.


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