Monday, May 21, 2012

Moon Eats Sun

For the first time in centuries, inhabitants of Temple Valley were treated to the sight of an annular eclipse. As with any eclipse of the sun, safely viewing the literally blinding golden ring in the sky created by this once-in-a-lifetime event required special darkened glasses, which I didn't buy. At once every hundred years or so it just didn't seem like I would get that much of a return on my investment. So I simply averted my eyes from the sun's angry glare and instructed my children to all do the same. 

Even with the glasses, the risk of them slipping off in all the excitement was just to big to take and since "Avoid Danger" is my middle name, I decided to use a whole other approach to the heavenly event. Rather than attempting to view the sun even indirectly, I cut out a circle from a large piece of black construction paper and taped it over the celestial orb that hangs from my living room ceiling (as pictured above).* I thought it was beautiful and the spitting image of the annular eclipse of the sun that I simultaneously streamed into the house via the television.

Of course not everyone shared my view. While I don't think I'll ever do that again, I'm certain the memory of being forced to sit and stare up at the living room ceiling while one of the most beautiful and rarest astronomical events was occurring right outside the window will last in my children's memory for a lifetime.

*That's Toshiba's top-of-the-line 24'' circular ceiling light with three separate settings to mimic the sky's natural light, from sunup to sundown and more.

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