Friday, March 16, 2012

Signs of the Irish in Japan

Higashi Kanagawa, Yokohama
Is that a hyphen or an apostrophe?

There have been Oharas in Japan for well over a millennium. Were they part of some early Irish diaspora or are the Emerald Isle O'Haras but a branch of a tree whose roots stretch all the way back to ancient Japan? It's a riddle best left to barroom scholars to solve. One thing is abundantly clear though. The Oharas,O-Haras, or O'Haras(and O'Harrahs, etc.) have certainly left their mark on the world. So this being the eve of St. Patrick's Day when we begin to celebrate all things remotely Irishish let's lift a pint and drink to the Oharas, wherever they are, and to wherever they came from.

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