Friday, March 9, 2012

Stopping Leaks

This month the Peeing Boy at Tokyo's
 Hamamatsucho  Train Station stands at 
the ready in his fireman's dress
 uniform, reminding us how to 
prevent fires
When I first came to Temple Valley I used to sight old men relieving their bladders along the cement surface of the hillside walkway that leads up to my home and the homes of my neighbors. It wasn't a daily occurrence but it happened often enough that after a few months both the old guys and I were no longer startled to encounter one another on the pathway. In no time at all we were even comfortable enough to exchange greetings during their private moment in our public space.  

I haven't crossed paths with anyone peeing on the pavement in quite some time and I can't say that I miss the chance meetings. Those in the neighborhood who are more in-the-know than I say it's probably due to a local police clamp down. If what they say is true, it looks like the criminalization of public urination (or maybe simply the enforcement of existing standards/ordinances) has definitely stopped folks from taking a leak in the streets. I just wish I could say the same for leaks elsewhere.

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