Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Art of Bill Collecting

Nishida's book of efuto
When was the last time you got a bill that made you smile? Illustrator Shinya Nishida has come up with a most artful way to collect from his clients that does just that every time. It's so ingenious that his customers actually look forward to getting a bill from him in the mail. Not only that, they save them so they can view them again and again in this clever innovation that adds whole new shades of meaning to the words "bill collector." 

Every invoice Nishida mails is enclosed in an amazing original work of art that seamlessly incorporates postage stamps into his canvas. Those two elements plus the fact that the envelope containing the bill is the artist's canvas, makes the whole package uniquely appealing. 

Dubbed efuto (literally "picture envelope"), Nishida's envelopes are actually an offshoot of the more traditional Japanese hand painted postcards known as etegami (literally "picture letter"). You can visit Nishida's blog,Nishida TV, to get a better picture of what efuto's are all about or better yet you can hire the illustrator and maybe get your very own priceless bill wrapper in the mail.

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  1. Maybe Tepco should hire Nishida to design their bills now that prices are going up 10 percent... What do you think? What would a Tepco efuto look like?

    1. I don't know. That would be kind of like beyond the scope of anything I could imagine.