Thursday, February 23, 2012

Prose by the Plateful

Who wouldn't want to dip?

This is what Mister Donut of Japan would  probably call added value. Considering you'd probably have to buy three dozen or so fried doughnuts to earn enough purchase points to claim this prize, that "added value" really boils down to added calories.  I have a set of four. That's a lot of "added value," especially around the waistline.

Thank goodness, for my arteries sake, I didn't have to eat all those lard laden cakes to get these plates. I found them tucked away in the cupboard when I moved into my new home, about a five-minute's stroll away from the nearest Mr. Donut shop.

They would probably sell for beaucoup bucks on ebay but alas it's not a complete set. The two pinkies are dubs. At any rate, I could never put a price on them and besides their rightful owners who consumed so much to earn them may come back to claim them one day. If they do, I'll be waiting for them, with a plate full of matcha icing-glazed soy milk donuts - the healthier choice. Goodness knows they'll probably need it.

(As seen on The Japan Snack Times)

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