Sunday, February 5, 2012

Green with Envy

Lucky Sevens pachinko parlor
I saw a foreign-looking guy much like me (he probably was a foreigner too, just like me) at the local train depot today. He had just stepped out of the adjacent pachinko parlor to buy some brewed coffee in a can and a pack of cigarettes from a couple of nearby vending machines and was heading back inside to feed the blinking mechanical bandits. I envied him. He seemed so well adjusted to life in Japan.

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  1. From your style and voice, I wondered if you were a transnational Japanese (Returnee, Educated Abroad or Overseas Japanese), Hafu. Your style and voice has the best of Japanese vibe: creative, loose, witty, insightful. Many "foreign" people in Japan are like this and have affinities to the best of Japan that appear v. deep to me. I don't think attendance at pacinko and cigarettes is necessary to adjustment to life in Japan :) Pacinko was originally from the U.S. & brought to Japan in the 1920's. Funny how it stuck in Japan as it's really quite bizarre form of sensory overload,'s an escape from awareness (pain, anxiety, fear)...Your writings reflect the opposite...engagement and awareness...

    1. Maybe you're looking too deeply. Many would call that "creative, loose..." style just incoherent, but I'm glad that you appreciate it. I'm also glad to learn that pachinko was an American invention. I'll have to add it to my list of "gifts" the USA has given the world.