Friday, January 27, 2012

Secret Garden

Near Temple Valley
I don't know which was more suspicious, me circling the same square block for the better part of an hour or the sudden appearance of a black-caped gentleman with an unsolicited offer of help. In any case, he asked and I told him exactly what I was looking for.  "I've never heard of such a place around here and I've lived in this neighborhood all my life," he uttered in English that was as impeccable as his sartorial style. 

I didn't believe him for a New York second. It had to be somewhere very close to where we were standing at that very moment. After all local singer/composer, Akeboshi (whose song, "Wind," plays at the beginning of the televised hit anime program, Naruto) had posted a picture of this elusive "secret garden" on his blog.  Not only that, I had the distinct feeling that I'd been there before and my own photographic evidence to prove it, just no memory of how I got there. So for now everybody is keeping quiet about the exact coordinates of this pleasant little plot of land, the tall, dark, well-dressed stranger I met on the road, me (because I can't remember them for the life of me), and of course Akeboshi who has made no secret about keeping it a Quiet Garden.

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  1. Let us know if you find it and post pictures as well --!

  2. I did find it once by total accident and I took that picture of the old house which actually sits on a piece of private property just outside the “secret garden” next to a seriously huge European style villa that’s partially surrounded by a bamboo forest (not too sure if it’s really a forest but it was dotted with were more trees than you could shake a stick at). The Yokohama City Parks Dept. knows about the whole thing and they have a map and everything (you can view it here: but actually finding it is a whole other story.

    P.S. Mum’s the word on the map ;-)