Wednesday, January 25, 2012


"Oases - Every city has them, little islands of comfort tucked away in concealed corners known only to a few urban cognoscenti. I know of one in one of the most unlikely spaces you’d ever look for an oasis." 

If you want to discover the location of this little hideaway in the middle of the asphalt jungle, you'll have to get your hands on a copy of the soon-to-be-released fifteenth regular issue of Smile, Hon You're in Baltimore! There, buried in the back pages, you'll find the paper that maps out the path to this treasured island. 

It's the latest installment in my Mobtown Memoirs. Totaling two stories so far, my memoirs are about as short as my memory itself and maybe that's not such a bad thing. In any case I've decided to sandwich whatever I can piece together from the charmed life I led in Charm City between the covers of this periodical. They somehow fit in well among its "polished, professional essays; barroom sermons delivered from the sanctity of a favorite stool, the poet's fleeting sentiment captured in both word and snapshot, a slice of Baltimore as told by Baltimore, all presented with the time-honored, DIY accessibility of a limited-run, handcrafted zine." In fact it's the only place they fit in.

The Utne Reader has said, "though Smile, Hon very much inhabits its native city, the publication will appeal to anyone who is compelled by the darkly funny, serendipitous, sometimes undignified realities of urban existence." So if it's in your nature to peruse such material, pick up a copy, sit back, and smile hon because more than a place Baltimore is a state of mind. :)

More to Smile About

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If you venture into the heart of Japan's Kawasaki City,  you're likely to stumble upon this little metal and marble oasis, a gift from the people of Baltimore to the citizens of its sister city. The massive sculpture is prominently located next to the Japan Railway Kawasaki Station and the sentiment inscribed on its accompanying plaque is hopefully just as prominently imprinted in the hearts and minds of everyone who calls either city home.

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