Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Simple Sound of Xmas

Do you remember it? No, I don't mean the sound of Santa's sleigh bells. I'm talking about the kind of sound that comes from Roba House, a magical place where  "instruments from Medieval and Renaissance times create sounds which remind us of something which we - living in modern times - have forgotten." Give a listen and remember.

The troubadours of Roba House are likely to once again favor the children of our mountain hollow and beyond with some musical magic in their annual winter concert held at the hilltop kindergarten overlooking Temple Valley.   

Click the little snowflake icon on the Youtube video control bar if you want to let it snow. 


  1. Thank you for posting this as it brings back many happy memories! Greetings of the Season to you and yours.
    Your #1 fan

  2. This is magical! Thank you for posting!

  3. It's definitely a soon-to-be timeless classic. Thanks for listening to it here.