Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In Other Words

I got some feedback today on a proofreading/editing job I did. It looked pretty much like this. The document was a completed Japanese to English translation of a brochure for a subsidiary of a large multinational corporation based in Japan. In bold lettering on the front of the brochure was a quote from a famous English author which didn't need any translating, or so I thought. The customer thought otherwise. It "wasn't true to the Japanese" was the comment written in the margin and so somebody corrected it.

I told my employer, the second to last link (I'm the very last one dangling freelance) in a long chain of translation companies and PR firms leading up to the end client, that they should leave Dickens alone. My employer then told me that if I couldn't do the kind of quality work the client wanted, I should look for work elsewhere. I said it would  be "a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done before....a far, far better place I go than I have ever known." Then I realized what I was saying and corrected myself. I mean it would be "a much larger effort to achieve goals that exceed past achievements... a more premium location I transfer to in excess of expectations."

Now the work is pouring in. I guess I'm finally speaking a language somebody understands.

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