Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Have Saw Will Travel

Photo by Single Leaf
I've earned quite a reputation as a proficient gardener around some parts of Temple Valley. I can't trim a tree into a poodle or anything like that but I'm pretty proficient with a saw. This is a little hillside path I paved with wood cut from a small forest in one of my patron's gardens. I feel guilty about eradicating all that vegetation whose sole purpose in life may be to take the carbon dioxide I, and others like me, exude and turn it back into a breath of fresh air. That's why to offset my dirty deeds I've decided not to touch a single leaf on any tree, shrub or plant that pops up in my own garden. I'm letting the place go wild, leaving it in the hands of  the same architect who landscaped the Garden of Eden. This decision has also earned me quite a reputation, especially among those living within the shade of my little jungle within the city. I'm really exploring the limits of their patience and I'm afraid some of them are beginning to pale from lack of exposure to sunlight. What can I tell them except, I guess the road of life can be pockmarked by little trade-offs along the way.

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