Thursday, December 8, 2011

Endangered Tree

Here is Ken Aoki (a.k.a. Ken Blue Tree) giving new life to an old Carpenters' tune. I don't know if Blue Tree got permission from the copyright holder to cover this Carpenter's classic but if he didn't, its days could be numbered. The United States Congress is considering legislation (PROTECT IP/SOPA) that could spell doom for videos as well as entire US-based Internet sites like YouTube and more that host them if they contain copyrighted material used without permission from the copyright owner. 

To learn more about the implications of PROTECT IP/SOPA take a gander at the Colbert clip featured on the side bar. Then move on over to freedom in harmony for a more serious review of PROTECT IP, a bill that would in effect curtail freedom of expression and more, as well as what you can do to stop it from becoming law.  

In the meantime spread the word and scatter seeds of harmony that will enable the sounds of  Blue Tree and other emerging artists like him to flourish so that we can all continue to bask in the shade of their growth.

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