Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Abolishing Slavery...

There's An App for That

I used a dozen slaves to help me type this sentence. Not grossly underpaid sweatshop workers mind you, but genuine trafficked human beings. Don't be so quick to judge me though. An equal number of slaves probably worked for you just so you could read it. Don't believe me? Make tracks for Slavery Footprint  and see just how many slaves work for you. After taking the website's survey I was surprised to learn that my family and I have about 50 slaves working for us. According to the information provided by Slavery Footprint, the modern day supply chain that is our link to food, clothing, electronic goodies and practically everything else holds more people in bondage now than have ever been enslaved at anytime in human history.

The trail of our oppressive boot print can be found everywhere. It's crossing right in front of my eyes at the moment. In fact most of our cutting-edge devices are built with this most archaic and brutal form of labor. The mineral columbite-tantalite (aka coltan), an excellent superconductor employed widely in electronic appliances and more, is dug out of the earth mainly by enslaved children and adults. Profits from the coltan trade have been reportedly used to fuel conflicts on the African continent in much the same way as "blood diamonds" have. Slavery Footprint notes how a US State Department official being interviewed about coltan mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo pointed to the reporter's smartphone and replied: "The likelihood that one of these was not touched by a slave is pretty low."

The shocking truth is that we live in an age where slavery touches every corner of the globe and every facet of our lives. The folks at Slavery Footprint don't necessarily want to make you feel guilty about enjoying the fruits of slave labor, they just want you to buy things made in a free world and they just so happen to have a free app to help you do just that.

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