Friday, November 11, 2011

Once in a Century

A day like today (11/11/11) happens but once every hundred years. It's Pocky (pronounced [poʔkiː]) day! Pocky is a chocolate-covered pretzel stick-like snack made by the Glico confectionery company that has been doing its darnedest to put at least a couple of extra ounces on the Japanese public's waistline (How can they be so skinny if they eat stuff like this? I guess it's true. You are what you eat.).

Actually Pocky Day (11/11) comes around once every year but this being 2011 makes it that much more special. I guess you could celebrate the day with any stick-shaped object resembling the number one, from celery sticks to cigarettes. I suggest you stick with Pocky's, or is it Pockies?  Anyway eat'em if you got'em.

It's Pocky time!

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