Sunday, November 13, 2011

Read On!

My letter to the editor at the Japan Times, which I vaguely remember dashing off late last Thursday night(but have no idea why I wrote it since I'm not so passionate about the subject), was printed in the paper's Readers in Council section today. Entitled Why Not Do the Write Thing, the letter urges the newspaper to hire a prolific Readers in Council writer, Grant Piper, as a columnist. The last time I wrote a letter it was to New York City's Mayor Bloomberg. At the time, the city was threatening to evict the Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zucotti Park. Surprisingly or not, the day after I sent off my epistle the city administration backed down. So if that's any indication of the power of my pen, Japan Times readers will likely be seeing (like it or not) a column periodically penned by Piper pretty soon.

A lot of folks think we here at The Temple Valley Times are in competition with The Japan Times but we're not. While we're not afraid to scale the mountains and peek over the top in the search for truth, we're pretty much focused on what's going on down low in the valley. We view them more as a supplement to the Temple Valley Times. If you're looking for a story that they don't have, we've probably got it and vice versa. Sometimes what they do there is sheer serendipity. Like the time a newspaper delivery man slipped a copy of the Japan Times in my news slot at 4:30 in the morning. I had always dreamed of having a subscription to the paper and while the rattling sound of the paper being shoved through the metal mail slot in my front door jarred me from my sweet slumber, peering at the paper in dawn's early light practically brought tears to my eyes. It was, without a doubt, a dream come true. Then again sometimes they miss the mark. Half an hour later (5 am!!!) that same morning the same newspaper delivery man came knocking at my door to retrieve the paper for it's rightful owner. All I can say is that we're lucky the Japan Times delivers the news instead of anything else. The truth is it's always better to share news with a stranger than share an open container of milk. 

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