Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Joint is Bumpin'

Tentai Kansoku (Celestial Observation)*

Yesterday Cosmonaut, the new DVD by the sensational Japanese rock band, Bump of Chicken, hit the shelves at Temple Valley's only music store and everybody is goosebumps all over about it. 

The group came up with their name back when they were in junior high. Aiming for something along the lines of "the roar of a mouse," the group decided on "blow of a chicken(as in coward)" but with meager English language abilities they hit upon the close approximation of "Bump of Chicken." Of course they could have come up with something even worse like, "Chicken's Blow," and we can all be thankful they skirted that pitfall. 

What they lacked in English skills, the group (whose members have been together since they were in kindergarten) has more than made up for in a musical ability that has been described as pure genius.

*The song featured in the video, Tentai Kansoku (Celestial Observation), is not on the new Cosmonaut DVD but is perhaps BoC's best known number.

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