Monday, October 17, 2011

_ _ it Happens

Temple Valley, Yokohama - It happens from time to time in different places around the world and it's happening right here in Temple Valley. A serial pooper is on the loose. The culprit has been marking his or her territory for years now and we in Temple Valley are smack dab in the middle of it. No one knows for sure who is behind it all, but everyone seems to agree that it isn't over yet. While tales of the relentless perpetrator's misdeeds raise feelings of shock and dismay among residents, the brunt of the offense falls on those who must clean up the calling cards deposited on their doorstep or walkway. It's proximity to the scene of the crime that determines who will shoulder the most responsibility for whatever fallout occurs and it is likely to occur again unless somebody does something to stop it.

In other news... earlier this month an unusually large deposit of radioactive cesium-137 was discovered on the rooftop of a nearby public elementary school as was, the perhaps even more hazardous, strontium-90 at another Yokohama rooftop by a local resident. Both deposits (found far outside the central government's testing range for radioactive substances) are likely due to the fallout from  the leaking Fukushima nuclear reactors. Closer to the atomic flash point some 250 km away, local governments in Fukushima are waging a never ending battle to decontaminate the soil. A report from on a story appearing in one of Japan's major dailies, the Mainichi Shinbun, notes: "The city of Fukushima decontaminated its Onami and Watari district in July and August after a surge in local radiation levels. In the week following the end of the operation, the city took fresh radiation readings at 885 points, of which seven actually registered levels exceeding those found before the decontamination." 

It's as if there is no end to it.

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