Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Did This

This is the 15th annual Halloween parade in Kawasaki, Japan and I am responsible for it. Well, it's not entirely my fault. I haven't been in Japan 15 years, but I did have a hand in fueling the frenzy I'm afraid. My little neighborhood Halloween bashes at the local shrine topped off with mass carvings of jack-o'-lanterns helped pave the way for this creepy cultural invasion.

Winding along the city streets and through Kawasaki's famed Silver Dragon Market, the procession ends up in Citta Della, a shopping mall modeled on a quaint Italian villa. A lot of the festivities, including everything from trick or treating to zombie makeovers and more take place against the backdrop of this tiny phony terra-cotta town. If the thought of holding this most hair raising of American holidays in the center of this Italian village in the middle of Japan doesn't make your head spin maybe this next video will (take a look, the tricks they do with the lights here are a real treat).

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