Friday, September 30, 2011

Voice of the People

Maybe you already know what democracy looks like. Here is a little bite of what it sounds like from Occupy Wall Street, the growing protest rooted in New York City that is taking aim at reining in corporate greed with an eye to bringing equality and much more to all.

The voice of a people united: 

This is a meeting of the NYC General Assembly held on Wednesday night at lower Manhattan's Zuccotti Park(aka Liberty Plaza). If you were wondering why everyone is repeating every word out of the speaker's mouth, it's to skirt a NYC noise ordinance that prohibits the use of amplification systems. While many believe the ordinance is being used to stifle dissent, it seems to have had an unintended consequence with resounding democratic overtones that makes this meeting even more participatory. Available wherever people gather, the no-batteries-required "people's mic" is guaranteed to spread the word even to the nosebleed section and from the looks of the violent police reaction to these peaceful protests it looks like everyone is in the nosebleed section.

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