Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trains vs. Planes

In a February 2010 article appearing on the Mother Nature News website, US-based author, Jaymi Heimbuch, explains how a 13-hour 
train ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles is better than a one-hour plane flight. Among all the reasons she lists, ranging from more comfort to less of a carbon footprint, I like the bonus reason she mentions best of all. The bonus is that "people wave at trains." 

Heimbuch writes that during her journey, "every so often, as people waited at track crossings or even while standing on the beaches, they waved at us. It brought up a feeling of friendliness, of excitement around travel and seeing trains go by, of community support in some vague way. No one waves at planes ... what's the point? But they still wave at trains. It was neat to slow down and experience that."

Experience it here in this ad for Japan Railway Kyushu's new bullet train:

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