Thursday, September 22, 2011

Perfect Storm

                                                                       ( M)

I still haven't fully recovered from the "trauma" of yesterday, perhaps I never will.  I'm sure all the stress following on the winds of the fifteenth typhoon of the season to hit Temple Valley took a toll on both my body and soul. I think I passed away just a little bit yesterday. That's what stress does. It wears away at you until nothing is left.

After knocking off work early, I spent a good part of the day in the kitchen (making pizza) which always knocks my equilibrium off about ten to twelve degrees. My landlord who used to live in the house my family and I now occupy had removed one of the structural support columns in the kitchen/dining area to gain extra space to stretch out. Over the years the weight of the second floor has been pushing down on the first and now the floor sags just a smidge. It's great for rolling marbles or little cars but kind of dizzying when you have to stand at that precarious angle for the length of time it takes to prepare a meal for a family of big eaters.

In between the terrifying gusts of wind that periodically swept through and shook the house (some corners of it more than others), I was able to make four pizza pies. More importantly, I was also able to make just as many temporary, pillow-lined emergency storm shelters in the lower lying nooks and crannies of our humble abode in the event the winds became too much for the house to bear. While the stress born by the high winds continued to mount and wear my nerves to a frazzle, my wife (M) seemed to be thoroughly entertained by all the construction work going on. She was just sitting calmly at her desk singing away as she pounded out some silly translation on the computer keyboard. It was as if she didn't notice or didn't care a bit that the sky was crashing down all around us. It was like she had no sense of urgency in the face of impending doom. She reminded me of those senseless surfers, who just a few weeks before were risking life and limb to ride the mile-high waves sweeping the east coast of the U.S. just a step ahead of Hurricane Irene. It's not  easy living with a dare devilish thrill-seeker but I guess without her my life would be as off balance as my kitchen floor.

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  1. Don't forget about the tremor too! What magnitude was it in Yokohama, 2.0, 3.0?