Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The It Bag of the Decade

The otona no randoseru from Akujidou
   (Photo via Akujidou website)

Behold the it bag of the decade. Dubbed the otona no randuseru (the adult school bag), this stylish leather backpack from Akujidou is a scaled up version of the standard school bag (aka the randoseru) carried by every grade school kid from one end of the Japanese archipelago to the other. While this sturdy bag comes with a hefty price tag to match (88,200 yen, roughly 900 U.S. dollars ), it's not that much more expensive than some of the rucksacks you see on the backs of a lot of school kids in Japan. You get what you pay for though.* The run of the mill randoseru school bag is designed to last the six-year length of a typical grade school career. If the otona no randuseru is made just as well, and it looks like it is, it could be the only bag you'll ever need.

Read more about the otona no randoseru at the Japan Pulse website.

*My oldest son Ichiro used to carry the cheapest randoseru I could find on the market. Priced at about 200 dollars, the bag just barely survived six years of continual abuse. Jiro, my second oldest, had a more expensive bag from the upscale Takeshima Department store. The life of the straps were about a year shorter than Jiro's six-year-long grade school career but the nearly 500 dollar price tag for the bag came with an almost unconditional warranty which included the use of an even snazzier loaner bag  while his was in the shop for repair.

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