Sunday, September 18, 2011

Definitely Worth Reading

Statue of Kinjiro Ninomiya 
 Wikipedia photo by Tak1701d

Don't miss Worth Reading, a roundup of great articles on Japan and beyond, at the Shisaku blog, where Michael Cucek has been shedding light on Japanese politics and society since 2004. It's all pretty smart stuff, so if it's not in your nature to handle brainy material just skip on down to the bottom of the post where the spotlight is shined on a recent comment by Temple Valley Times editor-in-chief, Johntaro (J.T.).

You can read less of the same from J.T. in one of today's letters to the editor in the Japan Times.

Also worth reading in the Japan Times today is Political Elite Can't Stand Outsiders, in which media analyst Phillip Brasor lifts the shroud of confusion surrounding the recent resignation of former trade minister, Yoshio Hachiro.

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