Monday, September 19, 2011

Dancing to a Different Beat

Over the years more than a few music producers have discovered that the trick to reaching musical stardom can be as easy as one, two, three. In Japan, where all-girl and all-boy singing groups like AKB48 (boasting 60 members - divided into four "teams") and Exile (whose membership I think is even more legion than AKB48) rule the airwaves, they have that trick down to a science.

The formula for success is simple. Find a few pretty faces with sweet voices to match (although this is optional),  choreograph their every move, put them in front of the camera and voila, you have an instant money making machine whose parts can be periodically replaced before they ware out. While the life of a typical idol band can span over a decade, the individual members often change with the passing of the seasons.

Back in 1992 Idol Japan Records tweaked that basic formula to produce the all-girl sensation, Seifuku Kojo Iinkai (The Better School Uniform Committee [?]), adding a dash of political and social protest to the mix of songs the group serves up. While the financial results have been less than stellar, the group is still nothing less than brilliant!

Here is Seifuku Kojo Iinkai  singing their anti-nuke number, Da Da Datsu Genpatsu (Gone Sour on Nuclear Power). You can find a translation of the lyrics accompanying the video on YouTube and while we don't know for sure, you just might find Seifuku Kojo Iinkai themselves at the no-nukes rally that kicks off around one o'clock this afternoon from Tokyo's Meiji Park.

Here is the translation of the lyrics that accompanies the YouTube video uploaded by Idol Japan Records: 

That it really unforgivable story
Even if these are national policy
But lying about it had a dangerous
"Not immediately affect the human body is!"Even if it's a wonderful invention 
Full of words that never learned 
Becquerel, Cesium, Meltdown, Turbine building Monitoring and High microsievert, oops 
Remember Proponents of nuclear power 
You can stay if you say it's safe 
Greenhorn who cause trouble 
Aren't you ashamed?
B,B,Break out Nuclear Power Plant B,B,Break out, 
Big whoop Shout to the world that the real dangerPoliticians do not work in case of like this 
Always keep hold honor and wealth 
The migratory birds fly now over the unexpected nature 
Do not know where the evacuated area isAll we do remember 
Nuclear power plant accident (Fukushima) 
All we do remember the magnitude of the damage 
Land and sea, Secondary disaster, 
Up to people's minds


  1. I love the expression (and hat) on the face of the show's host (or co-host) when the camera zooms in on her about half way through the performance.

  2. They did perform at the no-nuke rally (where there was lots of positive energy). It sure looks like the balance of popular opinion has reached the tipping point. When you see a typical Japanese "female idol group" singing an anti-nuclear power ode before an audience of 60,000 like-minded people it's safe to say something has changed.