Thursday, August 11, 2011

No Fair No Way

"Simon and Garfunkel fans — and lovers of puns — take heart," writes Amy Zimmer in an August 4th article appearing in the New York-based online news magazine,  DNAinfo. So what do we have to take heart about? As  Zimmer explains, "there is a new bread in town called Scarborough Fairway"  and "it is, of course, made with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme." The wreath-shaped staff of life comes from one of New York's newest nosheries, the Fairway Cafe to Go, located in the Upper East Side's Fairway Market. In wrapping up her article Zimmer muses, "Who knows? Maybe Art Garfunkel will stroll in and sample it at the café. He lives nearby..."

It's a nice thought and if you're thinking it's possible, think again. Just like a reunion of this dynamic duo, it is sooo not happening. Just four days after DNAinfo was whetting New Yorkers' appetites a report from the Toronto Sun noted that the Fairway bakers got burned for copyright violation and  "have been forced to pull their signature bread." Who knew a little parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme could cause such a heated controversy?

BTW Talking about Copyrights and Wrongs

This weekend Tokyo will once again be the site of one of the world's largest gatherings of folks openly flouting current copyright law.  Read more about it in a post on one of last year's conventions entitled: Unlocking Imagination.

See New York Magazine's No Longer a True Loaf of Mine for a few more choice crumbs on Scarborough Fairway.

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