Saturday, July 2, 2011

On the Nose

At The Temple Valley Times the pitter patter of the rain drops is my beat and I've got the rainy season covered. I've really got the nose for this kind of undercover weather reporting.

"Hello Mr. Foreigner" gag nose and eyes

For perhaps hundreds of years the Japanese arts and media have often stereotypically depicted Westerners with Durantesque proboscises. In fact no self-respecting (or other-deprecating) novelty shop in Japan would be caught dead without one of these on its shelves. 

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  1. Saw a related article on the Japan Probe post entitled, Choya Pulls Giant Gaijin Nose Commercial... at

  2. Yeah I looked at Japan Probe again today, the author(s) is real sensative, except when it comes to the plight of Fukushima's residents it would seem.

  3. And another thing about that site (J.P.) - In order to get to that article where the author trivializes the plight of Fukushima residents, you've got to wade through a sea of ads for "radiation detectors," geiger counters, "radiation monitors," etc.